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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Vayechi 5773

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Vayechi 5773
 [We are running a week behind. Rabbi Ben Artzi rarely directly mentions something from the parsha.]

A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s note: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit to the memory of my loving mother, Trudy Adler, aleha ha-shalom, who was kissed into the next world on the first day of Sukkot)

Father in Heaven, Creator of the world, fashioner of mankind, is in total charge of the world and Am Yisrael. Father in Heaven has chosen the Jews – those who are true Jews, who proclaimed “we shall do and we shall listen” – as His treasured nation.

The world is not in anarchy. Without Jews in the world and without holy Eretz Yisrael, the world would not exist for even a second – it would be destroyed! The world exists and is sustained in the merit of the Jews who live in holy Eretz Yisrael. Holy Eretz Yisrael is the source of all blessing: blessing for life, blessing for livelihood, blessing for healing, blessing for spirituality and attaching ourselves to the Master of the world.

Father in Heaven will destroy and dismantle in the world, all the evil and impurity, which are hatred, jealousy and arrogance. He is destroying and will continue to obliterate until he brings this world to repair, a world that all in it will be good, pure and holy. In holy Eretz Yisrael there will be baseless love, Jews will love other Jews regardless of personal interest, only groundless love!

What a shame for all those Jews who live outside Eretz Yisrael. They are squandering their money and their life, they must come to Eretz Yisrael now. And if there is a stronger word than “now”, they should use it.

Jews who are true Jews, who live in holy Eretz Yisrael, are protected and safe, the Holy One covers them and the Shechina protects them. All new immigrants or veteran olim, who live in holy Eretz Yisrael, will be protected and safe by the Holy One.

Outside of Eretz Yisrael, no Jew is safe. Those Jews who remain living outside of Eretz Yisrael, are not fulfilling the verse “and you shall carefully guard your souls,” they are not listening to the voice of Father in Heaven, they take risks and wait for his salvation. Father in Heaven is letting you know, ‘I will not save you, only if you live in holy Eretz Yisrael!’ All Jews living in the diaspora, should come to Eretz Yisrael; there is nothing to look for there, no one in the world will help them there or protect them there – only in holy Eretz Yisrael will they be safe and protected.

The ice at the North and South poles, which is melting at an extremely fast pace, will create strong waves of a tsunami that will cover many countries in the word that will not have yet worked on mending themselves, something that will be like a flood!

King Mashiach ben David, is now in holy Eretz Yisrael and until his revelation – very soon he will be crowned and anointed – conducts himself simply and with humility, and at the same time is working for and protecting Am Yisrael, is fighting against all the goyim around us and against all nations working against the state of Israel, and is doing so without words and weapons – only with the force of his thinking.

If the righteous decree and the Holy One carries it out – for sure, absolutely and positively when Mashiach decrees against a nation, the Holy One sustains it, does it and ensures it and destroys it! Everything in its time – have patience.

Syria continues to be erased and will be erased from the world. The Holy One works so well and so precisely – at each stage and level. Who would have dreamed that the Syrians would have attacked Palestinians in Syria!

Every country and its leaders, who will speak ill about Am Yisrael – the Holy One will take them to task, will fill them with disasters, and cause conflict among them so they leave Am Yisrael alone.

In Egypt the turmoil and chaos will continue. They don’t want peace. Everything will become like Sodom and Amorah.

Fatah, Hamas, Gaza, Shechem, Ramallah, Chevron and its leaders, want to destroy Eretz Yisrael. All the money they receive goes right into their pockets and they don’t care about their nation. They sow hatred among their citizens against the Jews and are threatening that if Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected, they will make lots of trouble for Am Yisrael – they are liers! It doesn’t matter to them who gets elected; they have harsh “contingency plans” to attack Am Yisrael.

Hezbollah cannot do anything – it has no backing from Syria and Iran.

In Turkey and Jordan they are scared to death, they seem to “like” the Palestinians and want to make some order – it’s all a show! They are afraid that the Palestinians, who are escaping Syria, will go into Jordan. They “are hungry”. We’ll take care of “their appetite”.

Turkey will also be entered by Palestinians. Turkey is in line to be just like Egypt.

Iran cannot do anything because of fear of the state of Israel, from the Jews. Their leader knows  that in his seven nuclear facilities, there are those who are “planted” who can destroy all the reactors on their own! These are the ones designated to press the buttons to send the missiles. Ahmadinejad, Father in Heaven is saying, ‘Go find the “plants” in the seven facilities.’ Ahmadinejad is hiding like a rabbit in the bushes, he knows that Israel “exposed” him that he is sending weapons and ammunition to Hezbollah. Iranian citizens need to wake up and change the leadership! He is pouring money like water into making atomic weapons because of his arrogance and harming and doing great damage to the Iranian economy.

Government of Israel, don’t be afraid of any country in the world. Finally the time has come, to cause to blossom, widen and increase Jerusalem and its environs specifically, and all of the State of Israel in general. Jerusalem is the life of each and every Jew, every Jews that protects Jerusalem- lives and breathes. All nations that judge the building in Jerusalem and its vicinity – this is external and not internal, there is nothing to be afraid of, this is Hashem’s plan and with His blessing. Don’t worry about any country; all countries draw their sustenance from Israel and not the other way around!

We’ve said in the past, anyone who does evil things – will be exposed! It makes no difference if one is rich or poor, religious or not, with the Creator everyone is the same! It’s worthy to be on the straight path and to repent from the heart, before the Holy One exposes them in their nakedness and they’ll be filled with embarrassment.

The religious parties – must unite! Give honor to the Holy One, you are his banner! The Holy One will reach each and every one of you, also separately, get together and unify! There is great value for the right and left to be with one heart and establish one strong government!

Soldiers of Tzahal, be wary of terrorists living in Eretz Yisrael, there are those among them whose design is to kidnap soldiers, copying what happened with Gilad Shalit, in order to exchange for money or prisoners. Soldiers of Tzahal should not take tremps – be warned!

Hosts of Hashem from Heaven, are connected to Tzahal, particularly when Am Yisrael is united. Don’t be overcome by fears or fantasies; no one can win against Eretz Yisrael. We must have full faith in the Holy One and keep the Ten Commandments.

All terrible forces of nature will continue, in order to shake the world and bring about its repair.

Occasionally, forces of nature are sent as warnings in the direction of Eretz Yisrael, so that all Jews will be together and unified and be as one, should love each other for no reason and keep the Ten Commandments!

All will continue this way, until King Mashiach is revealed! Patience pays off! Mashiach will be revealed and will lead the world in mercy!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler. 

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