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Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Parshat Bo 5773

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi  Parshat Bo
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s note: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit to the memory of my loving mother, Trudy Adler, aleha ha-shalom, who was kissed into the next world on the first day of Sukkot)

Father in Heaven is a good and loving Father! All of Am Yisrael should acknowledge this goodness and give thanks to the Holy One and say “How manifold are your creations Hashem! How manifold are your creations Hashem in holy Eretz Yisrael and in the entire world!”

In Eretz Yisrael there were rains of blessing, rains of joy, rains of purity, rains of cleanliness, rains that filled the Kinneret with water! Kinneret is like the harp (kinor) of David and the Kinneret gives purity to all the bodies of water in the world.  

Everyone worried about the Kinneret and the Holy One extended His hand and gave a huge blessing and a huge gift to Am Yisrael!

The Holy One is showing Am Yisrael, that there is Someone in the world that is directing and leading all of Am Yisrael from top to bottom. Just like life and death are in the hands of the Holy One, so too is rain.

Life and water are exclusively in the Hands of the Holy One and in none other. The Holy One is showing the whole world that the Kinneret – Kinor David – will never ever dry out! The Kinneret, in which is found the Well of Miriam, is the blessing and is the essence of the state to the world! All the spigots go from the Kinneret to the whole world!

Father in Heaven is saying to those among Am Yisrael who complain about the damage from the storm, “Why didn’t you prepare the drainage infrastructure as needed? Didn’t you believe that in Tevet there will be rains of blessing!” The rain, hail and snow gave life to the Jews and joy in their hearts. The Holy One allowed the Jews to feel a sense of spirituality, every Jew breathes into his lungs and says, “How manifold are your creations, Hashem!”

The elections in Israel, we have said that any party that shames or slanders – will fall, all who promise things and are lying – will fall. A party that deals with truth and righteousness, with clean words and for the benefit of Am Yisrael – will rise and be successful. The government of Israel need not rely on any country, only on itself and the Holy One. Every country and government works out of personal interest.

In Syria, Assad continues to destroy his people, which is a Godly plan. The Holy One is giving back to them with the same measure, what they did to His children in Israel’s wars. Let’s not forget we are the children of the Holy One! All the nations know that the Jews are a treasured people, chosen by the Holy One. The terrible way the Syrians dealt with Israeli soldiers, really angered the Holy One, and like the Syrians were cruel – their leader is cruel to his people. The Creator will not let them stop fighting among each other until Syria is totally destroyed. Syria will be crippled, the Creator will break their back, their neck and their legs and Syria will be no more.

In Egypt there will be a “celebration” among them, no less than in Syria. The Egyptians are smuggling ammunitions on a regular basis to Hamas and Fatah. Once in a while they catch someone, to appear as though they are helping Israel. Just as the Holy One promised, the Aswan Dam will go into action and lots of water will pour over Egypt. This can happen at any time. Neither prayers nor preventive actions of the Egyptians will help, this is part of the purpose of the Creator.

Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinians happy and dancing, they think the state of Israel is weak, God forbid.

The state of Israel is the strongest in the entire world! The army commanders didn’t want to ‘waste’ the might and the soldiers of Tzahal on Gaza and the Palestinians. Tzahal knows when to put their hands on the enemy, this is understandably also a Heavenly plan. The Holy One entered the minds of the commanders and because of this they are working to protect the state of Israel.

The Jordanians are big talkers, they have chaos with the refugees. The Palestinians together with Hamas, will create major havoc to take control of the government. The King of Jordan finds himself scared and fearful and asks, ‘What is this edict that has fallen on me!’ He has no solution! Rains of blessings in our areas – for Jordan they were rains of curses.

Iran, “figuratively,” is quiet. They are on alert and scared to death – they are scared to make a mistake. There are “plants” put there by the Holy One who are in the atomic reactors in Iran and Ahmadinejad knows that if he makes a mistake, even a tiny one – Iran will become islands of rubble! Whether because of the Creator or those who oppose Ahmadinejad.

In Lebanon, Nasrallah has no back, no shoulders or weapons, they are eating each other up.

So no one will make a mistake, the Defense Minister chosen in the United States, will not oppose the state of Israel! He will work from the interests of the United States which are a support to Am Yisrael. The Defense Minister likes Israel and is for the state of Israel. President Barak Obama is very smart, from Heaven he is being helped to be wise – most of his advisors are Jewish! Remove the fear from your hearts and bless the new Defense Secretary and his work.

The whole world is in chaos, with all kinds of terrible forces of nature. In Australia it’s 50 degrees warmer – in China it’s 50 degrees colder.

There will be strong wind storms, colorful, nice and spectacular like the storm that occurred in Australia that came from the ocean, like hurricane Sandy in New York that harmed Jews in New York who don’t want to listen to the Holy One and come to Israel. Soon another “Sandy” will come, very strong, like the one in Australia. Many Jews live in Australia and they will come to understand the message from the Creator to come to Eretz Yisrael. There will be earthquakes so that the world of impurity will decompose and so that the Jews ‘will be shaken out’ and come to Eretz Yisrael.
The polar ices are melting and all the islands have horrors and abominations taking place in them will disappear. The world has not gone crazy, the purpose of the chaos is to purify the world – except for holy Eretz Yisrael!

The world is receiving its ten plagues regularly each day, until the world will be pure and holy! All ten plagues, every day, across the world – every place has its own plague: storms, cold, heat, darkness – there is everything! (In Egypt there is a plague just about every month). This is to prepare for the revelation of King Mashiach ben David in mercy!

Moses our teacher was the first redeemer, with great difficulty speaking. The final redeemer will be a copy of Moses our teacher, the same person but with stronger powers.

Mashiach is found in holy Eretz Yisrael, is working and doing in holy Eretz Yisrael, protecting the soldiers of Tzahal, gives them a chance ‘to rest’ and is doing their work against the Arab nations as well as the whole world! Mashiach will not stop until he is crowned shortly, in this generation!

Blessed is the generation that merits it! And for a generation to merit it, it must change bitter into sweet, to love without reason, do kindness and say Tehillim.

The economy of Am Yisrael will never fall, and real estate will continue to grow and expand beyond bounds.

Two millions Jews are on their way to Eretz Yisrael, one million actually and another million are buying or are preparing to buy homes in Israel.

Am Yisrael, the time for your redemption has come! Rejoice that Mashiach will be revealed and ask that he be revealed this year!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.   


  1. Obama will turn on us fully only after the War in Syria first becomes a world war. Until then we here in Eretz Yisrael have to go about our business healing the divisions in our nation. We may only have a few days or a few weeks to do this, for we are in the nine months since Tisha B'Av 5772. We are now in the last three months of the nine months.

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