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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Beshalach 5773

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi   Parshat Beshalach
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s note: May the inspiration gained from this translation be a spiritual benefit to the memory of my loving mother, Trudy Adler, aleha ha-shalom, who was kissed into the next world on the first day of Sukkot)

The Master of the world has compassion on all the children of Israel; He loves Am Yisrael and wants all Jews to believe in Him – without seeing and without hearing. This is what was planned from the beginning of the world and so it will be, like it or not, pity for the Jews to be stubborn! Am Yisrael is duty-bound to thank the Holy One, every morning and each day, for all the wonders and miracles that He does for Am Yisrael. Each Jew must give praise and sing and acknowledge the Holy One, for all the miracles and awesome occurrences that the Master of the world does for me, each and every minute of each and every day!

It is forbidden to speak ill of Am Yisrael. Each person in the world, every country, head of state, president or leader who will use soiled words against Am Yisrael – the Holy One will give a terrible blow, also sickness, and will create discord between the person and his nation. Every head of state, president or leader who will speak well of Am Yisrael and protect it – will have good health, peace with his people, a good economy and success with everything.

The world is going through harsh throes of complications and difficulties, an economy that is disintegrating in a downward progression, and ten plagues like there were in Egypt in their order, each day everywhere in the world. In holy Eretz Yisrael will be only good. The economy is stable and strong, and the Jews of Am Yisrael will all engage in complete repentance.

The exposure near kibbutz Nir-Oz of a tunnel was a miracle from the Holy One. There are other tunnels from Gaza, some in preparation stages and some close to being completed. The Holy One revealed the tunnel to Am Yisrael like a father protecting his children. This is a miracle like those of Chanuka and Purim. The intentions of the heads of Hamas are only evil, they want to enter Israel only to destroy and kill. If God forbid they had access through the tunnel, they would have done terrible things and there would have been a terrible catastrophe. The Holy One preempted the illness with the remedy and didn’t give them the “pleasure” to harm his children. The Holy One says, ‘Whoever is for God come to Me’ – he is the one who will be safe, protected and successful. All the kibbutzim in the vicinity of Gaza, that have the possibility to make walls in the ground in order to eliminate the possibility of tunnels and pathways – should do it.

The Arabs surrounding us do not lack land, they want to take every slice of land from Eretz Yisrael, because their purpose is not peace. The government of Israel must be on alert in this regard. The plan of the Arabs is to erase Am Yisrael and all they are doing is one big show.

Syria will continue to be erased until the end, until it is all empty.

The rain that fell in Jordan was for them a curse. Soon they will have more rain and will harm Jordan very strongly. Jordan will be called a nation of chaos and confusion, everything will be mixed up in it and will no longer be called Jordan.

Egypt will have its turn with force. They have confusion, will have worse chaos, and they will have their ten plagues again. Everything we’ve said about Egypt will happen! The Aswan Dam will open and create flooding, so that they should see and they should fear and not speak against Am Yisrael.

Turkey is preparing against an invasion from Syria and Jordan, they understand and know the Syrians to be cruel and evil.

Iran will not be able to actualize its threats, because there are “plants” operating through the hands of the Holy One. Ahmadinejad is like a bird that flaps its wings and flies around and returns to its nest. He knows very well, that the Holy One protects and safeguards Am Yisrael, and is scared to death of the Jews. Before he presses the button – they will kill him, whether someone from his nation or the Holy One.

Lebanon and Hezbollah can’t do anything – Syria and Iran complicate matters.

Israel is opening up its eyes very wide to all the Arab nations to see what is happening with their weapons and ammunitions, in order to prepare the remedy before the illness.

All European nations, the United States and all countries in the world, are involved in very difficult problems. Each country and its problems, whether dealing with harsh forces of nature, or problems of refugees, or conflicts between Muslims and Christians and anti-Semitism against the Jews, the Holy One is creating it all so that all the Jews will come to Eretz Yisrael, and they will come! Millions of Jews are on their way to Israel in various stages.

The government of Israel and all the parties must come together, they should all be one group with one heart and insist on baseless love. They have no choice, this is the will of the Creator of the world and a Force which has no match in strength.

We’ll repeat and say: whoever steals, lies, covets, is unfaithful or does any awful deed, the Holy One personally will reveal him in his deceit before the entire world! Therefore it is desirable for every Jew to repent, so they he should not be revealed and embarrassed, and to acknowledge the Holy One by saying, “How wondrous are your deeds Hashem…”

All Jewish parents of Am Yisrael, take care of your sons and daughters between the ages of 10-18. Explain to them, in every which way, that it is forbidden to believe in the goyim; everyone should “respect and suspect” them! Parents, make a huge effort, pity the havoc that has no repair, the goyim are tempting the daughters of Israel and through this want to erase the Jewish race, they will never ever succeed!

Am Yisrael, Jews who are true Jews be involved with acts of kindness and reading many chapters of Tehillim, because Tehillim are the garment that protects the Jews.

All the terrible forces of nature and what they leave behind, and all that happens with cars and planes and ships are all under the supervision of the Creator, he controls the world, in which every day is harder than the one previous. The Creator uses the forces of nature, as well as anti-Semites which is part of these forces – against those who just plainly hate Jews.

All Jews, who are true Jews, who live in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and in European countries, please, the Creator is begging and pleading with you, the place for Jews is in holy Eretz Yisrael. Don’t anger the Holy One, pity, don’t say ‘this will never happen to me’, anti-Semitism has gone out of control. The Creator will not stop, will continue to dismantle the world, and will not take into consideration any person in the world, except for the Jews living in holy Eretz Yisrael. In Eretz Yisrael there is livelihood and work for everyone.

Real estate in the Land will continue its momentum, in order to accommodate the needs of millions of Jews who are in various stages of aliyah. Millions of Jews are on their way to Israel and millions of Jews buying houses in Israel in order to populate in stages the Negev, the north, the Shomron and Binyamin.

There is redemption for the Jews and for the entire world. The entire world is being cleansed, being purified! The source of blessing for the entire world is holy Eretz Yisrael! Everything is in preparation for the crowning of King Mashiach ben David who is working and doing!

All the goyim around us know that Mashiach exists and is working, and the Holy One says to the Jews: Wake up! 

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.     

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