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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi - Lech Lecha 5772

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi  Parshat Lech Lecha
A Message to Am Yisrael, in the Land and throughout the world

The King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, is continuing to repair the world until all the evil in it stops. The Holy One will transform this world into a pure and holy world. Am Yisrael - King Mashiach and the Holy Temple will become first and foremost and all that will remain in the world – will become subservient to Eretz Yisrael and Mashiach ben David.

The floods, snow storms, extreme heat and freezing cold will continue in the world. Volcanoes will continue erupting, hurricanes and earthquakes will continue with greater force. What has happened until now is only the beginning. The economy in Europe and America and every place where Jews live – will crash. Clashes, arguments and wars will have nations turning on themselves. Arabs who surround us will war against each other, like what we see in Syria. Assad has extremely dangerous weapons, and therefore no one “challenges” him. According to plan, he will finish off Syria!

All the Arabs released in the Shalit matter – their swords will go into their hearts! They will “celebrate” among themselves and kill each other.
The Holy One is “dripping” – hinting to every nation and state in the world: Anyone who wants to harm or destroy the Land of Israel – the Holy One will retaliate strongly! The world doesn’t understand, or try to understand, what the Holy One wants from them!

If Jews in the Land and the throughout the world understood what the Holy One wants from them at this time, and why He brings natural disasters in the world – all the Jews would come to the Land of Israel and repent (do teshuva) completely and all non-Jews living in the Land would flee – this phase will happen.

The means of communication that the Holy One has with the world is through events that shake and rumble and cleanse of evil. But the people don’t understand what the Holy One is saying. Jews need to understand that the Holy One is purifying the world to prepare it for revealing the King Mashiach! Therefore, all Jews need to unify and come together, do acts of kindness and return to Hashem!

The world thinks that natural forces – those that destroy with their power and remove evil – that this is the way of nature. The earth and its natural forces have not “gone mad,” this is the Holy One “pushing the buttons” and directing the entire world, with a specific plan, in order to banish evil from the world.

The Creator of the world will cause Am Yisrael to come to a place of baseless love, doing kindnesses for one another, and peacefulness – between husband and wife in their home, and a feeling of unity “as one entity with one heart.” Whoever doesn’t believe this – will see it soon with their own eyes. If Am Yisrael will understand the will of the Holy One, with all Jews living in the diaspora making aliyah and those Jews living in the Land uniting on their own – this will be ideal. But if Heaven forbid they don’t understand, the Creator will make them feel united and loving on His own terms, ways that are severe!

The protests in Eretz Yisrael will not achieve their purpose- it’s too bad, we shouldn’t learn from the ways of the gentiles. Representatives from the groups need to chose spokespeople to speak with the government – this is the best way to solve problems.
The State of Israel must not pay any attention to Nasralla, and needs to quietly plan for his “madness.” When he receives any attention from Israel – his arrogance grows and he becomes wilder! We must not be afraid of him, and we also can’t be passive about him because he is very dangerous. Pay no attention to him, as if he doesn’t exist!

All the disturbances from Gaza, Lebanon and places surrounding Jerusalem, this is the “whip” that the Holy One is using to bring Am Yisrael to repentence.
Giants of Torah, leaders and Rabbis! It is your task to come together, to bring strength and protection to the Holy Land and Am Yisrael. Am Yisrael is hurting when its leaders are not unified and united, don’t be stubborn, this is not the time for “games.”
Moses our Teacher, peace be upon him, gave his soul for Am Yisrael. All our leaders together can be like Moshe Rabaynu – unity and togetherness amongst you will bring the same within Am Yisrael, and thus bring safety and protection.

Regarding the economy of Europe – there is no solution, the situation will get worse and America will crash, falling and plunging deeper and deeper. Jews, I beg of you, leave the materialism and come to live in the Holy Land of Israel. There is Redemption and there is Mashiach, who is waiting to be revealed!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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