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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi - Noach 5772

Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi   Parshat Noach 5772

The Master of the World is speaking to the nation of Israel and all human beings by means of world events. Any nation that desires and tries to harm Am Yisarel – the Master of the World will harm that nation immediately, by means of forces of nature, conflicts, and complications within its midst, or general destruction.

The entire account of captive Gilad Shalit’s freedom was led by the Master of the world from beginning to end. All those who assisted were messengers and extensions of the Master of the World, in order to reveal His presence in the world in a natural way.

This is what happened in the Egyptian Embassy, when a moment before the Egyptians broke into the rooms where the Jews were, help came and saved them. This assistance was sent by the Holy One personally! All who saw the broadcast thought the rescuers were human beings, but the truth is, they were not human beings but rather agents of Hashem! This was a miracle seen in the Holy Land and throughout the world, in order to return Am Yisrael to our Father in heaven.

On the day Gilad Shalit was released, most of the world, and all the Jews in the Land and throughout the world stopped what they were doing and watched on various technologies, in order to see the miraculous account brought about by the King of Kings. Never has there been such an occurrence, that all Am Yisrael was so united, in emotion and tears, and so totally amazed by this miraculous occurrence!

It is proper to give thanks to the Holy One for what He did to bring Gilad home to his family and to all of Am Yisrael! The Holy One showed all of Am Yisrael that if they wish, they can be united every day, as on the day that Gilad was released. That day was like Yom Kippur, on which all Am Yisrael joined together and prayed to the Holy One that all should unfold in peace, a unique day of the year. This day was also unique, Hoshana Rabba of Chol Hamoed Sukkot. All Am Yisrael saw with their own eyes, every move and step of the rescue and release of Gilad Shalit and his return to Am Yisrael!

Gilad had a mission of five and a half years on behalf of Am Yisrael. The day will come when we will understand this mission. It is good to give thanks first to Hashem for what happened, and then to others.

All the prisoners released in this matter – their swords will enter their hearts! The thousand-plus prisoners were released in order to eliminate hundreds of thousands of Arabs and to complicate the relationship between Hamas and the Palestinians. The Creator will eliminate them, one against the other, and they will fight each other over leadership of the people.

Why wasn’t Gilad Shalit released after a couple of years? After all, the deal that was signed was similar to the one from three years ago?

But if Gilad was released then, the released terrorists would have wreaked havoc on Am Yisrael. All the joy and celebration in the Arab street – it’s all a big show!

The terrorists will fight in the war of terror, in order to gain the leadership. They will fight with each other and kill each other – their swords will end up in their own hearts!

Just as Am Yisrael experienced great unity in the success of the eventual freedom of Gilad Shalit, so too they can be united always, in order to merit special protection.

The terrible floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and eruptions - will continue throughout the world with all kinds of natural disasters – Hashem will create complications between and among nations. The European economy will continue to collapse like a bottomless pit. The Holy One has removed every blessing from around the world and placed it in Holy Eretz Yisrael.

America will continue to fall and sink. Jews in America – flee from there quickly, don’t be “smart” and don’t “mess around” with Hashem. The Creator has decided exile is ending and it’s final! Whoever doesn’t understand in their mind (b’moach), will come to understand with power (b’koach) – and the power has only begun. Stubborn Jews – I beg of you, don’t oppose the Holy One, he is speaking to you through the medium of natural disasters.

Eretz Yisrael is like the ark of Noach. There continues to be a good and strong economy in Eretz Yisrael. Real estate will strengthen and the infrastructure will further develop, new establishments will open, the Negev and Galilee will grow, and a huge Jewish aliyah will come from all over the world!

The Holy One is eliminating all the evil from the world, in order to facilitate the good and pure foundation for King Mashiach to come mercifully!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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