Friday, November 25, 2011

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi - Parshat Toldot 5772

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Toldot
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, said, “The heart of a king is in the hand of Hashem.”

The Creator controls the heart of every president and head of state in the world, their work is not of their own, and the Creator complicates matters between them. This is how God runs the worldby natural means.

The presidents and heads of government speak nonsense, with mistakes and contradictions. Each day they contradict their words from the day before, and appear ridiculous in front of the whole world – in the media.

The end of the president of Syria – if he doesn’t escape – will be like Kaddafi! The Creator works in an orderly fashion, he disassembles, destroys and finishes off one nation after another. He finishes off one nation – and then comes the next one in the order, or perhaps the next three or four nations.

The enemies that surround us will finish each other off between themselves. Syria and Egypt among them, “and I will instigate Egypt within Egypt.” Next in line – Jordan, which is coming very soon. In Lebanon, they will fight with Hamas and Nassralah, in Gaza Hamas and Fatah will kill each other – for pride and honor, they are ready to die!
The entire world is confused, aching, frightened and complicated, we don’t know what each day will bring. The economy in the Americas – North and South America as well as Canada, will fade with no hope for revival, with the same in Russia, China and Europe. There will be a world economic collapse and the Holy Land of Israel – will become richer, and grow and develop and stretch like the hide of a deer, and all the world will see, and understand and be awed by the greatness of the Creator of the world!

Jews across the world: do not “play” with the Holy One, do not rebel against him. He loves you very much and wants to help you. Do not disappoint the Holy One!

The Holy One, with great love and joy, is waking you up, to leave the impure land, to leave money and materialism, and come immediately to the Holy Eretz Yisrael!
Do not pain, do not anger, do not disappoint the Holy One! He turns to you in compassion; the Holy One wants you to make aliyah to the Land now!

In Eretz Yisrael you will have security, protection, and a good livelihood, and the Land, it is a Holy Land! If we do the will of Hashem – there will be a redemption with compassion. Do not disappoint the Holy One! All the clowns who ridicule Hashem’s messages and say, “this is not what’s happening now” – “we’ve seen this before” – will carry great responsibility and pay a heavy price.

The nations who ignore the creation of a nuclear bomb in Iran, these are nations who are indebted and dependent on Iran for their fuel, and support it at the expense of the rest of the world.

Whoever is worried about peace in the world – will stop Iran, and whoever has personal gain for this nation, ignores it and blocks attempts to stop it.

Medinat Yisrael must work quietly and not publicize what Tzahal and our security forces do.

Volcanic eruptions will continue, and earthquakes, floods, heavy storms and hurricanes will continue and strengthen in many places. Things that the human eye saw and that were unimaginable will be seen in the world by way of the media!
(Hashem’s) judgment is getting harsher week by week across the world. In Eretz Yisrael, real estate, streets and infrastructure continue to grow. Many Jews in the exile understand the Holy One’s messages and are flocking to Eretz Yisrael and investing in it.

To all the Giants of Torah in the Land, community Rabbis and synagogue Rabbis: it is your obligation to join together, to have unity and unify Am Yisrael – there is no separation between Sephardim and Ashkenazim and Charedim, it is for all of us to have one mouth and one heart, like one person! The Holy One is counting on you!

The Holy One is messaging Am Yisrael: Is it not sufficient for you what you see in the world?All that I am doing- is for Am Yisrael! I am showing you so that you will see and fear! Every Jew should be strong in keeping the 10 commandments, and should prepare oneself for the revelation of King Mashiach soon! Mashiach is involved and working within the Holy Eretz Yisrael and is influencing the entire world!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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