Friday, April 19, 2013

English Summary of a Shiur by Rav Nir Ben Artzi

 NOTE: On April 4, 2013, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi gave a shiur in Hebrew at Nachli Tefila in Ramat Beit Shemesh. An anonymous person provided this summary (not a translation) in English.

In the future, Jerusalem will encompass all of the current land of Eretz Yisrael. And the rest of the earth will be the new Eretz Israel.
Jews are in chu"l - outside of Israel - only because of money.

Israel is the safest and most protected place to be.
We hear that many Jews are being thrown out of the homes and communities in many countries,
Hashem is destroying all of the world because of money issues, so that Jews will finally come to Israel.
Moses was 1/2 man and 1/2 angel. Moshiach will be the same.
All Jews will also be half each.
In the future, Jews will no longer have a yetzer ha-ra (evil inclination) and will be angels in human bodies.
Jews have a neshama - a part of Hashem.
With Moshiach, there will no longer be death for Jews.

Jews, when mad, the yetzer ha-ra can be seen in their eyes.
When you act from the yetzer tov - there are no arguments.
In holiness there are no arguments.
In tahara (purity) there are no arguments.

According to the Torah, it is forbidden to take revenge on your fellow Jew.
People think that being Shomer Shabbat is not using electricity, driving. working, etc.
It's that but more. It's also how and what you speak about.
The speech of a Jew creates. If a Jew doesn't observe Shabbos with his speech, he is then presented with things that will bother him on the next Shabbos.
Be happy, sing, learn, speak properly. Then, your next Shabbos will bring good things. Each Shabbos you do this with proper speech, more good will come to you.

Honor your parents - It's not about honoring them to get an inheritance. Often after parents are niftar, the children argue about the inheritance and there is no peace of benefit. When one honors parents with all our heat, one's health will be good, so that one can take good care of their parents. Honoring parents brings longer lives for self, one's spouse and one's children too.

Hashem will continue to destroy Iran. He will finish Syria - both sides - (Gov't and opposition).
Hashem is causing Hezballoh, PA, Hamas, etc. to argue among themselves.
Jordan will soon fall - the king's leadership will fall.
Hashem is doing all this for the good of Israel.
Hezballah, Iran, etc., have thousands of rockets.
Hashem will not allow them to hurt Israel.
Hashem will finish Syria.

The enemies around us will eat up each other
There is tension in the air.
This tension is so that Jews will do Teshuva.

Hamas is training terrorists to attack Israel. They will not be succeed.
Iran will have more and more earthquakes.
The IDF will not need to send plane to Iran.
Iran will be stopped by natural causes (disasters).

Hashem can do it all. Everything is his doing.
Hashem rules everything. Fish, bugs, the sun, everything
Hashem provides food to all.
We do not have enough understanding or ability to understand what Hashem is can do.

Other countries make noises (threats) but they will not succeed.
Hashem wants us to be concerned so that we will do teshuva, chessed, have ahavat chinam, not to hurt each other..

Hashem sees all of what we do. And we get back for it. Good or bad (deeds on our part) affect what comes back to us.
Hashem spread the Jews around hate world. He will also bring them back.
Yetzer Ha-ra bother the people and influences us.
Unlike others, Jews tremble and regret when they do wrong.

Soon more floods, windows and other natural events will be seen around the world.
In France, anti-Semitism will grow.
Thousands of Jews are being attacked in various countries and the police participate or don't stop it. These things are not publicized.

Galut is ending. Be patient.
Each week, the pace increases.
Anti-Semitism is for the good of the Jews – to get them to wake up and come to Israel and to Hashem and away from materialism.
America is falling and will throw out Jews or cause them to leave.
When we have money and materialism, people aren't close to Hashem. When things are hard, they come to Hashem.

They found gas in the Mediterranean. They will find oil too.
Great treasures will be found in Israel.
All problems a Jew has – parnassa, electric, car, ailments, all comes from Hashem. And is for our good.
We need emunah, to believe in Hashem.
All things come from Hashem.
If we don't get a job, it may be because it would have been life-threatening to us.
We don't know.
Hashem does it all for our good.

Backaches, foot pains, other pains…
Check one's deeds and see what he is doing (good or bad)

If a person is late and traffic, it could be to protect him from some danger (e.g. a car accident). Thank Hashem for everything.
Everything is hashgacha from Hashem. So that Jews will return to Him.
Daven 3 times a day.
All will be good for Israel.

Don't fear our new government. Angles are working with the leaders of Israel. This generation of leaders are all robots, led by Hashem and angels. It doesn't matter who they are.
This is the last generation before geula.
We must unite. Work for Shalom Bayit.
Follow the 10 Commandments.
Hashem will protect us.
There will be big tests. We will be protected

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