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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Noach 5773

Message from the translator, Rabbi Elan Adler: You may have wondered about the lapse of translations for the past several weeks. I was in America with my ailing mother, Gertrude T. Adler, and our family. We were dealt a painful blow when my Ima passed away on the first day of Sukkot. I was privileged to not only be with her for a few good days, but also to be at her side when Hashem kissed her into the next world. For the next year, I pray that the inspiration you receive from this weekly translation help my mother’s neshama reach higher and higher. Perhaps you can read this translation in the merit of the soul of Shvartzel Tova bat Moshe Yeshayahu and Glicka, of blessed memory, an enormously loving and giving woman for nearly 83 years. Thank you.


Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Noach  
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The Creator of the world, the King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, is purifying and cleansing the entire world today – this is exactly the way it was during the time of Noach and the flood. The flood washed over and cleansed the entire world, and Eretz Yisrael was saved from the flood. After the flood only Noach and his family remained, and today – there are tens of millions of Jews!

The government made a big mistake when it announced the elections – the same people with different clothing! Instead of dealing with the main important issues, of the safety and security of Am Yisrael – they are focused on who will be the next Prime Minister! That this government took so much time to understand the plans and schemes of the Arab nations surrounding us, now that it is deeply involved – there should be no changes!

This is not the time to change the government; there is no time for games! A new government will need to learn everything from scratch, it will take a year to get deeply immersed in the situation, and in the meantime, the problems get bigger and harder to deal with! Why give our enemies a victory by having elections now? Instead of dealing with Iran, with Arab nations and the problems of our youth, there is a search for a new government?! It’s the same person with a different guise! They can make noise so that new ministers or Knesset members will be chosen, but they don’t know that the Creator of the world, also creates the government of Israel from A to Z!

Tzahal needs to be more alert and shrewd! Don’t underestimate any enemy! There are many spies from Jordan, Egypt and other countries, who are passing information to the countries surrounding us. Anything that they reveal to the enemies, don’t believe in anyone! Everyone is working for their own interest and they hate the Jews!

Jews living in the diaspora, the Creator is calling you to come to the holy Eretz Yisrael! The Master of the universe is begging of you to understand Him, He stops at nothing! The Creator is warning time and again, don’t come later with complaints. The Creator is going to differentiate between the Jews and the goyim – in a huge way! Stop saying ‘the situation will improve’ and ‘this will never happen to me’ – until you see what will be and all these phrases will reverse themselves on you for bad.

In France they think they found the disease working against the Jews – this is only a piece of a thread! There are hundreds of thousands like these, it’s time for the Jews to make aliyah to Israel! France today is dark for Jews. In France they are afraid the Moslems will grab the government , which would be good for the Jews, all the quicker they will come home – to Israel! Everything is vanity in France and all of Europe, in America and her neighbors, it is better to come down from the tree with dignity, that to be forcibly blown to the ground from the tree!

In Syria Assad continues to erase his nation. The Holy One saw that Turkey wants to tease Israel and gave her a blow – a war with Syria!

In Lebanon, Hezbollah is on alert, waiting for the go-ahead from Iran, now it is without wings. In Hezbollah they don’t know that  a blow is coming to them, before their attack against Israel. In Jordan very soon there will be very severe disturbances.

Egypt in the headlines, they will continue to eat one another in order to topple the government and the situation there will be like in Syria.

Iran – the dog barks but doesn’t bite! From time to time they threaten but can’t do anything. They have a fear that Iran will be erased. In the meantime Iran is quiet, and currently two thirds of Iranians are working underground in order to topple Ahmadinejad and his police.

Hamas in Gaza are showing Israel: ‘You brought Egyptian soldiers to distance Hamas – we’ll show you that no one can rule us.’

In America all the while that Obama doesn’t communicate openly in the media to say he supports Israel – he will not succeed and he himself will be succeeded.

Any nation that wants to strike against Israel, will be struck most harshly - her and her leaders!

Just as we’ve said many times before, the global economy will continue to disintegrate and collapse, level after level as necessary, so that no one will strike Eretz Yisrael! Nothing will have value!

The government of Israel needs to be moderate and sensible in raising prices. Don’t raise prices dramatically, rather make fair judgments in a couple of areas.

There must be a prevention assimilation at all costs, this angers the Creator!
The Creator wants Am Yisrael to read Tehillim (Psalms)! All the Jews of Am Yisrael without exception! Specifically there is an obligation to read Tehillim on Shabbatot in the synagogue – apart from those in the prayers. The ark should be open, all should be standing on their feet and each time 15 chapters of Tehillim should be read. Begin with the first chapter until the end of the book.

The reading of Tehillim can annul decrees and protects Am Yisrael!
All the terrible forces of nature in every land – this is chaotic!

And it will not stop, quite the opposite – it will soon get worse! Holy Eretz Yisrael will be protected and guarded!

King Mashiach will be revealed soon! The Beit Hamikdash will be rebuilt!
And this generation, that will transform bitter into sweet, will believe and place its trust in the Creator of the world – death will no longer exist in the world!

This is the generation! This is the era! This is the time of the revelation of Mashiach!  

 Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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