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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Ki Tavo 5772

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Ki Tavo
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The Master of the world, with each day that passes, intensifies his judgment upon the world! Everything has an end, and we should not “push the envelope” too much! The great forces of nature have no free reign, neither does the earth, only Jews – who are Jews – have free will, so that if they decide to love the Master of the world and to cleave to Him, this will come from a pure and true desire and not through threats. There is no time! The Creator is intensifying the terrible forces of nature. There will be terrible fires across the world, with a timetable set from the beginning by the Master of the world, so that the world will not be in a panic. The Creator is erasing and eliminating the impurity from the old world! Only one who decides to leave the old world and enter the new world – which is called “Whoever is for Hashem, come to me,”- will survive and live forever and ever! Whoever decides to choose money and materialism – which are called ‘idols’ – will not be with the Holy One! This generation, everyone can merit to live forever and ever! This is the last generation of geulah and the revelation of Mashiach ben David!

Syria is erasing itself and is pulling Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Iran, Gaza and Lebanon along with her. They will fall one after the other, according to the order and plan of the Holy One and according to urgency!

All that the Holy One is doing in Arab countries, the purpose is to protect Am Yisrael and to prepare the world for the revelation of King Mashiach! In every Arab country there will be a revolution! Even in Syria no one believed there would be a revolution!

Iran cannot do anything, despite the chemical weapons and ammunition she has in her possession. The missiles in Iran are ready to pounce, may their swords enter their own hearts and their arrows break in their hands! Iran is scared! If they do something against Israel, the earth will open its mouth and swallow them! They had earthquakes and floods and understand that this is due to the prayers of Bnei Yisrael! There are small tsunamis coming from underneath the oceans.

Jews in Germany, don’t be bleeding hearts! You should be ashamed, you are Jews! Straighten yourselves up and come to Eretz Yisrael like heroes! In Israel your are not threatened and not “sought out”! The Holy One is showing the entire world, without exception, in the heavens and on the earth, that He is orchestrating everything! Here an earthquake, here a fire, here harsh winds and there quarrels among people.  

Everyone is looking and seeing the hands of the Master of the world, the King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He, how he orchestrates all forces of nature and dismantles all the impurity in the world – without touching Am Yisrael!

In leaving Egypt there were ten plagues and within each plague there were a hundred miracles! In this final redemption, Mashiach is alive and well, born of a woman, is found in holy Eretz Yisrael, working and impacting all the nations of the world, even Arab countries! There are billions of angels and billions of people on earth, who see the hand of Hashem! They see His might and what the Creator is doing in this world – He is purifying it! The Holy One is erasing Syria, the evil in it, done by one specific person. He can erase Iran in exactly the same way!

Patience my children! I have one request, my children, Bnei Yisrael, pray to Me! Show Me that you love Me, that you are cleaving to Me and believing in Me, and in an instant I will turn everything on its head and you will see miracles and huge salvations! I won’t allow a single nation in the world to “turn their nose” on holy Eretz Yisrael! Every leader and nation in the world, who will try to harm Am Yisrael – I will strike them and they will be erased from the world! Eretz Yisrael is the source of all blessing to the world and it is impossible to stop this!

Antisemitism continues in a big way, some open and some hidden. Those who guard and protect Jews, even they are against the Jews! Jews living outside of Eretz Yisrael, you need to understand, the goyim do not like you! They are chasing you out of their land! They don’t want Jews to be on their land! They are schooling you! They are bringing you back to your Father in heaven. All of you, come to holy Eretz Yisrael! The Holy One will make you detest materialism, houses, cars and money and will make you great lovers of Hashem! He is the Father in heaven of the Jews! Don’t miss out! No one can win against the Holy One nor escape from Him, neither can one not do what the Holy One has ordered!

The infiltrators are just like their name, we shouldn’t wait until after the Holidays, every day they are here they do terrible damage. Return them to their countries according to the law! No one told them to come to Israel, they came without permission, they invaded and came to interfere. All Jews, business owners and others, who are hiding the infiltrators or employing them against the law, I order to save money or to become rich through them – they will “turn on them” and will be hurt badly. Let them be returned to their countries! The government of Israel does not have a shortage of Jews to deal with, we must invest in the children of Israel!

From Aza a missile is sent from here or from there, in order to let Israel know ‘we are here, we haven’t forgotten about you!’ In just a little time they will disappear from the world! The Holy One should send them tsunami that will take the entire Gaza strip into the sea! Their swords should enter their own hearts!  When Tzahal makes their inspections of the borders, they must be very careful and on alert for terrorists who have weapons that can fire from far away! Therefore the best thing is to put helicopters in the air.

The government of Israel knows what it’s doing! At a time like this, the government needs to be unified and love each other. In a place where there is peace and unity – blessings from Hashem come along with it! In difficult times such as these for Am Yisrael we need a government that is experienced and proven! Each time a new person arises, a smooth talker, showing power as though he knows it all and knows more than anyone else and confuses everyone – each of them is a performer! There is one singular Creator in the world, in heaven and on earth, who orchestrates the government of Israel! Anyone who comes forward and makes a lot of noise, it’s the same sound but with a different disguise! What a waste of time! This is not a time for games! What do you think, that the Holy One will help government ministers do what they want and harm His children, God forbid?

Yasher Koach from the Master of the world, a blessing from the Mouth of the Above, to the Jews who are organizing prayers, to annul the decree from Iran, in synagogues and at the Western Wall! The mouths of Am Yisrael have power and the Holy One listens to the mouths and prayers of Am Yisrael!

Am Yisrael, Father in heaven is merciful! Father in heaven is asking all Jews who are Jews, to follow the ten commandments and to go in the proper and true path! Jews, let there be baseless love among you, you can only gain from this! From this you will have blessing in the heavens and on earth! After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Holy One expelled and exiled the Jews and the Temple, because of the absence of baseless love, and it remains in its destruction until this day! How important baseless love is! What power it has!

In just a little bit of time, there will be a huge airlift of Jews from Europe and the United States! Jews in the United States, Europe and Australia, all your reservoirs of money will dry up unless you come to Eretz Yisrael now! At any price, sell your possessions! Whatever they give you for it now – is a blessing! Each passing day there will be less money, until the madness of antisemitism will hit its peak and Jews will be thrown out of their homes and cars!

The Holy One is doing everything so that Jews will be in the Land, inhabit the Negev, the North and Shomron, as a significant preparation for the revelation of King Mashiach ben David who is in Eretz Yisrael, active and praying and providing the soldiers of Tzahal with protection, safety and security!

 Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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