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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Matot- Maas’ei 5772

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi - Parshat Matot- Maas’ei
A Message to Am Yisrael in  the Land and throughout the world

Our Father, our Father our King, is looking down from above and controls even where every needle and pin goes!  He sustains bacteria as well as all forms of life, in the water and on dry land, trees, human beings – and the Jews!

Father in Heaven controls the earth and rules over it 100% - the earth has not gone crazy! All the miracles that happen in the Land to the Jews, Father in Heaven says: “I did it all.” And Jews who are not so wise say: “It just happened, that’s all.” Father in Heaven is announcing, unequivocally, that He is doing it all, from ‘aleph’ to ‘tav.’ Regarding the Jews there is no coincidence or accident, except for the free will everyone has to choose for good or bad.

Father in Heaven is asking from Am Yisrael: ‘Enough of division and arguments, these are not healthy for Am Yisrael!’Am Yisrael is an example to the entire world! Why are we learning from the goyim how to argue and protest, and the goyim are laughing at the Jews.

The government of Israel is a emblem, an example to Am Yisrael! All of Am Yisrael should do what the government of Israel is doing – it is the example! All the goyim are making fun and are delighted at the disagreements and protests within Am Yisrael and say: ‘The chosen people having become just like us!’ Anything done with force will not work. Anything done with force can only bring arguments and intense stress in Israel – and Father in Heaven doesn’t want this! There is a government in the Land of Israel, there are laws, courts and police, we must go according to the laws!

The entire world has lost its economic balance, everyone has turned into an actor and everything is one big show! There is no truth in the world except that which is found in the Land of Israel, for the Shechina shades it, the Holy One protects it and has appointed angels to direct the economy of the Holy Land. Father in Heaven leads the angels, step by step, how to manage the economy in Israel!

Syria continues to wage “war”! Assad continues his deception in the world, he gets weapons – whether openly or in secret and refuses to give up his position! The entire world does not realize that this is a God-driven development! Assad is erasing his people! All that the Syrians did to Tzahal, during the Yom Kippur War, during the Six Day War and the Lebanon War, how they pressured them and did extremely cruel things to them – the Holy One has begun to exact revenge for the pain of Tzahal and the pain of each and every Jew!

French Jews ought to come on aliyah to Eretz Yisrael, and stop the assimilation and stop saying: “This will never happen to us!” Such a shame that the Jewish spark will be erased from them – not a remembrance will remain of their Jewishness! They need to come urgently, even more than urgently! Not just them, also Jews in Europe, Australia, American and surrounding countries.

The world’s economy will continue to fade, the Jews living in the diaspora won’t have what to eat! They shouldn’t wait until the world gets better, that the economy will blossom and everything will be fine, this will never happen – until the last Jew arrives in Israel! It will never happen that the economy will blossom for the benefit of the Jews who are living in the diaspora! Don’t wait for house prices to rise – sell it at any price and come to Israel!

There is peace and quiet, so to speak, in Israel from the Arab nations – it’s not peace, it’s nothing! All Arab leaders are planning very well, everyone with his task, what can be done! Am Yisrael is not alone! One thing they don’t know – the Jews have the Holy One and the Shechina to protect them! May their swords enter their own hearts and their arrows break and the bodies of their leaders be still! The Holy One is giving them over to fight among themselves and confuses them, so that Am Yisrael can be left alone to do teshuva and have love and unity among themselves – and not so that Jews should have disagreements and protests!

The haredim, the right and left, the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ and ‘the sides’ – all are Jews without exception and no one disagrees with this. Whoever instigates separation among the various factions – will be “separated” on the earth! It’s utterly forbidden and a serious situation that you make debates and protests! Don’t block traffic in the streets and don’t interrupt life in the holy Eretz Yisrael! If you have a problem with the government, meet the government with nice and pleasant speech. The others, haredim and the religious Jews who are Jews should go by the hundreds of thousands to the Western Wall and beg before the Holy One. The Holy One is not influenced by dissension and protests, only by prayer from the depth of one’s heart. Father in Heaven desires the mouth of Am Yisrael, not the physical, material body! This is the way that the Holy One will help you to solve any problem!

Soldiers of Tzahal, don’t tremp! The danger has not changed, and if anything it has gotten worse! The miracle that Father in Heaven did for Gilad Shalit – will not happen again!

The government of Israel must clean Tel Aviv from all the infiltrators and all bad things, and initiate a clean culture in Tel Aviv!

In the world there are terrible and destructive forces of nature, along with disputes and anti-Semitism. The Creator of the world is doing things that the eye has never seen – things that are contradictory: places used to cold – He brings heat, places used to heat – He brings cold. Things are happening that cause everyone to say: ‘nothing like this has ever happened before!’ instead of saying: ‘this is the work of God!’

The fast of Tisha B’Av and that of Yom Kippur are identical. The purpose of Yom Kippur – to cleanse the soul of a person from its sins and the purpose of Tisha B’Av – that Mashiach should be revealed and the Temple be rebuilt – this is the soulful part of a person.

Jews are very precious to Father in Heaven, FATHER IN HEAVEN IS ASKING, IN EVERY FORM OF BESEECHING, from Am Yisrael, to unify, come together, stop the dissension and love one another! For Me, your Father in Heaven, it pains me that there is dissension, protests and Jews fighting with each other! I am your Father in Heaven! If you want to make Me happy, and that I should gladden you without end – be unified, love each other for no reason, do kindnesses for Jews, respect each Jew, fulfill all ten commandments, and let the wealthy give ma’aser so that they won’t fall.

Such a pity that until now you haven’t understood, that the Mashiach is working and doing the will of Hashem! The Holy One has prepared him for thousands of years! His soul, called “Yechida,” was concealed and now it is working!



 Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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