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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Bechukotai 5772

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi  Parshat Bechukotai
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The Master of the world brought together, united and created a government of unity! Two large parties, Kadima and “Achora” (backwards), and made them whole! No one should think this is a human error. All the chaos in the Knesset of Israel emanates from matters of honor. Were they to know of the Creator and believe in Him, they would know that this is a Godly plan, through which the Holy One wishes to protect the holy Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael from any problems and harm. The Holy One has strengthened the two largest parties in order to be strong and not crumble. The Holy One overturned the platter on its head and surprised everyone!
Precious Jews, don’t interrupt this Godly plan of uniting the government into one entity! Don’t argue, don’t take the Holy One to task. The government has united and will have only good and strength to do the will of Hashem!

King of Kings, the Holy One blessed be He says to the Religious parties: I did one main job, I brought two large parties together. Now I’m waiting and hoping for the Religious parties to get themselves together and unite! I will assist from Heaven, from up above, so that the will of Hashem will be done 100% in the government of Israel!

The Religious parties: Don’t preen yourselves, and don’t be concerned with what others say; this is a Godly plan. Rejoice in it and don’t fight it, rather, assist it! Because the situation with the Arab nations that surround us is not at stage 8 – it’s at stage 12! One human error – the world will be destroyed a second time. Don’t trust in any President or head of government in the world, they all work from personal interest, when they get what they need to get – they will kick whoever they need to kick!

All Jews need to keep the covenant in purity and holiness. The Holy One said: All the floating stench is to purify Am Yisrael and will continue to float. The Holy One says: It’s best for every Jew to do a confessional now, to do complete repentance, being that all our deeds will be revealed to the entire world! Let no one say “this will not happen to me,” and whoever will say it – it will begin with him! The Holy One takes no pity on those who lie, cheat, bribe, commit fraud or adultery. The Holy One says: This is not the Torah way and not what I expect from Am Yisrael! If all the Jews will keep the ten commandments, they will not be harmed, neither will they ever be brought down!

Any murder that happens in Am Yisrael occurs due to an unclean culture. These are the actions of the goyim that are seen in movies, on television, and on the computers and encourage these things to be done in actuality. The consequence is not a punishment from the Holy One, it is one’s personal arrogance and personal choice!

Drivers, don’t be angry and impatient on the roads, take care of your health! You have to smile from your heart at the other driver, to let them go first, to travel with happiness and patience! A smile can open hearts! No need to rush, and the bottom line is, everyone gets to the same place at the same time – every obstacle is for the good.

Couples who are looking to divorce, who think one is worth more than the other, they should look at their children and be ashamed! The children are torn to shreds and never forgive the divorce! The Creator wants the children to grow up in a good environment and with good deeds and not be in pain and tears. Every Jew, before deciding on divorce, God forbid, should first take a personal spiritual inventory, because this is not a good and clean choice!

The economy in the world will continue to crumble and in Israel it will always be stable, for it is the source of all blessing! We have no one to depend on except the Holy One and the Holy One grants knowledge, wisdom and intuition to keep the economy of Israel going, so that we need not depend on any other country.
The Holy One says to every Jew in the world: It’s worthwhile for you, it is highly desirable for you and you are obligated, to open businesses and establishments that will bring you a livelihood only in holy Eretz Yisrael – this is your home!  

Land will never be lacking in Eretz Yisrael and our father in heaven promises you: Jews, my children, Jews who will create businesses and establishments in Eretz Yisrael – you will have an over abundance of livelihood without end! Don’t disregard this message! There will come a day that one who does not do this will cry for generations.

We must bless the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces every day so that we may protect them! Tzahal must always be on the alert for we cannot put our trust in the goyim! The Holy One creates a “covering” on Am Yisrael, fashions a protection, and wishes that Am Yisrael do their part!

The Holy One throws a “ball” to all the Arab nations, so that they will fight among themselves and leave holy Am Yisrael at rest! Every time they have a desire to plan something against Am Yisrael – their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break and their bodies will be still! Everything they desire to do against nature – the Creator of the world, the Holy One, will destroy everything of theirs.

Jews who are found in the diaspora, the Creator is asking once more: Make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael immediately; your place is in Eretz Yisrael!

Destructive forces of nature will increase in intensity to repair the world and remove the evil and hatred in it. Antisemitism will increase and widen, with the purpose of expelling all Jews in the world in order to come to holy Eretz Yisrael. The Holy One said: I exiled them and banished them, and will exile and banish them this time from the diaspora – to the holy Eretz Yisrael, for the time has come for the redemption of Am Yisrael and the revelation of King Mashiach!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.


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