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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Tzav and Shabbat Hagadol

Later than usual, but here is Rabbi Ben Artzi's message from Parshat Tzav and Shabbat Hagadol 5772.

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi   Parshat Tzav and Shabbat Hagadol 5772
A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The Master of the Universe says to Am Yisrael - the Jews: the small children are prophesying that Mashiach is found and the light of Mashiach is found! They cannot explain what they know and what they see! They are talking about Mashiach and the Holy Temple! They are so pure and their enlightenment and knowledge comes from their neshama! The adults Jews – they want to see “hard evidence”! The young Jewish children are grounded in spirituality, purity and faith in the Master of the world!

The whole world is noisy and raging and everything feels chaotic! The world seems in fear, trembling and awe from the King of Kings! The Holy One blessed be He is moving and shaking the world, his desire is to cleanse it from impurity, evil and hatred and bring the world to the repaired state of love, peace, unity, revelation of Mashiach and the building of the Holy Temple! The Holy One doesn’t want to do what He did in Sodom and Amorah during the time of Noach, for he swore nothing like that would happen again in the world! Earthquakes will continue without stopping, as well as other destructive and unpredictable forces of nature that will scarily spread throughout the world!

Anti-Semitism is spreading at the speed of light! In Morocco – the Jews received a dire warning! In France – they received a dire warning as well as throughout Europe! Aliyah can be felt by way of home purchases in Eretz Yisrael – French Jews are preparing for a huge aliyah!

The Holy One is “crying” for his children who were murdered in the vile atrocity in France and is begging all the Jews in the world , to come urgently to the Holy Eretz Yisrael! The Holy One is asking and pleading with every Jew in the world, to come immediately to Eretz Yisrael! There is no protection for Jews living with their families in the diaspora!

The Holy One does not like the assimilation of the Jews in the world! Assimilation destroys the direction and identity of the Jews! The Holy One designated the mission of the Jews in this world! It hurts the Holy One that there is such assimilation and he wants the Jews to make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael!

The terror in the diaspora will grow and widen in scope and the Jews will have to escape from there! The Holy One is warning: Precious Jews, my children, be careful about escaping from Europe to the United States or any other country, and to the contrary! It would be a shame to leave yet another country! Come straight to the Holy Eretz Yisrael! I am waiting for you! Don’t make more mistakes! Don’t escape to another country – there too they will hate Jews! The Jews’ place is in Eretz Yisrael, to settle the Negev, the Shomron and Galilee!

The Holy One is taunting the Arab countries that surround the Holy Eretz Yisrael! The Holy One is confusing them as He confused the generation of the Tower of Babel! In Syria the mess will continue! The President of Turkey will wane and conflicts will arise there – just like in Syria! In Iran there are severe differences of opinion and they are on their way to major conflicts among themselves – like in Syria! In Egypt the dire conflicts will continue! In every Arab nation, their swords will enter their own hearts!

The economy of the world will crumble, even though there are reports of a revival, there is no revival! They want to calm people so there will be no panic! There is no solution to the world’s economic problems – except that all the Jews should come to Eretz Yisrael! In Eretz Yisrael – there is blessing to no end! It’s written in newspapers and spoken in the media that the economy in Israel is growing and flourishing!

Our government must continue to work in absolute secrecy! For only regarding this kind of secrecy does the blessing of the Holy One preside.

The soldiers of Am Yisrael must believe in the Creator of the world and not believe in any nation! They must be vigilant and obey their superiors, so that they can always be prepared and ready to guard our homeland! The soldiers must be careful wherever they find themselves, whether tremping or other places,  especially near suspicious objects – respect but verify! Let no soldier say, God forbid, “This can’t happen to me”!

Real estate in the Holy Eretz Yisrael will never cease! There will be livelihood for all Jews in Israel and for all newcomers! There is tremendous movement of Jews who are preparing to arrive in Eretz Yisrael, with more requests for housing and jobs in Eretz Yisrael! The Creator will bring everyone to the Holy Eretz Yisrael! As the Creator says – it is sealed and it will happen! In every generation there are clowns who make fun of the Holy One, and in the end, they will be brought low and will have grave regrets! A shame, better for them to save their honor than fall!

During Pesach – it is good to increase in contributions, acts of kindness, welcoming guests to our homes, and spreading money to those in need without keeping account. It hurts the Creator so much when families are in such desperate need or guests who have nowhere to live. On Pesach the Holy One wants to rejoice with the Jews and doesn’t want anything to spoil the happiness with His children!

Precious Jews: Repair your character, leave your bad traits, and don’t wait for hard evidence!

The Creator of the world is cleansing the world of its impurity! The Heavens are working together with the earth, to “vomit out” and burn out all the impurity, dust and abominations from this world!

Pity on all the Giants of Israel who want to see “hard evidence” from the Master of the world, in order to understand that the generation and time has come for the redemption of Am Yisrael from all their trouble and agonies! It is time for the revelation of Mashiach and the building of the Beit Hamikdash!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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