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Rabbi Nir ben Artzi - Parshat Mishpatim 5772

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Mishpatim
A Message to Am Yisrael in the land and throughout the world

The Master of the world is stirring up the entire world, and the world is shaking off all of its evil outer layers. The world maximized its obsession with materialism, and finds itself ready to explode! To cleave to the Creator of the world and to spiritual matters – benefits are endless, to cleave to material things – benefits are limited! The world finds itself now as it did in the time of Noach, before the time of the flood! The world has reached its limit! The end of evil and hatred!

In Noach’s time, the Holy One waited 120 years for the people in it to repent, brought the flood upon the earth and destroyed it! In our time, the Holy One has waited 2,000 years!

The Creator of the world moves among the nations and creates disharmony in order to purify the world and prepare a new one in which will remain only the clean and pure ones who have polished their character. In Noach’s time only he remained along with his [wife- ed.], children and the animals – in our time, there will be millions of Jews in this new world!

The Creator of the world is striking plague after plague, hardship after hardship! One is forgotten and the next one comes! The world finds itself in fear, chaos and great upheaval. Extreme forces of nature are found everywhere! The world “appears” to have no controller.

Throughout this process, Father in heaven is building a new world and blossoming very strongly and speeding up very quickly the time of King Mashiach ben David! The revelation of Mashiach together with the breakdown of the entire world, the collapse of evil, hatred and arrogance!

Assad King of Syria is a Godly gift – a trustworthy messenger! The Russians and the Chinese support him because in Syria there are extremely dangerous weapons, chemical explosives and other destructive missiles, and they are afraid they will reveal them! The Creator of the world also resides in the minds of the Russians and the Chinese, in the beginning they sided with the Americans and the Europeans – they “changed” and now they defend Assad, for if they don’t defend him – everything will be revealed! All is from the Holy One! He motivates their thinking and confuses them so that their swords will enter their own hearts! Assad continues to destroy his people! Lebanon is dependent on Syria and Assad! Gaza and Hamas are dependent on Assad! They’re all on one chain! Eretz Yisrael is compared to being in a ring surrounded by Arab countries. The Creator of the world protects Am Yisrael! He goes each time to yet another Arab country to “harass” it and create confusion within it! The bedlam will continue in Egypt, and in Europe – Greece is only the beginning! The chaos will spread to all of Europe! This week they also blew up the gas line leading to Jordan – to let the King of Jordan know that he is “in line” like Syria, Egypt and Libya!

In the State of Israel we must be careful and be unified and not argue about nonsense! Members of Knesset: you are being taped! You are the banner of Am Yisrael! Give honor to the state of Israel! In the State of Israel it is forbidden to have demonstrations and strikes! It is unbecoming for a wise and discerning people that has a soul from the Master of the world! We must quickly have dialogue with each other in order to help one another! Am Yisrael must not learn from the goyim! We are all Jews and it is incumbent upon us to help one another! When Am Yisrael is together and unified – the state of Israel will be strong, healthy in soul and spirit, and no nation will be able to harm her! When we go “head to head” – there is no stability, only great confusion, fear and trembling!

Those who take bribes and pursue personal gain will get caught!

We must pray for the soldiers of Tzahal every moment! In every synagogue in the Land we need to pray for and bless the soldiers of Tzahal and honor them! They are our children, they are the protection of Am Yisrael!
The government of Israel: We must continue to rid Am Yisrael from abuse of alcohol and drugs – this is destroying the youth – the next generation of Am Yisrael!

All Jews who are in the diaspora, are there only for the sake of money! In the 1940’s and 1950’s, when Jews arrived in Eretz Yisrael – they kissed the holy ground and were happy to sleep on it! When we love Eretz Yisrael and its holy Land – this is the strongest and most unique sign that we love the Holy One! When one lives in the diaspora – you don’t love the Holy One! And when we don’t love the Holy One – woe unto us! Danger exists for all Jews in the worldexcept in the holy Eretz Yisrael! Do not deceive the Master of the world and “play hide and seek with Him”! The Holy One can reach you anywhere you are! Let there not be one Jew who says the Holy One didn’t call him! Every Jew should understand that the Holy One has called him to Eretz Yisrael! Let him not argue that he didn’t understand!

We must expand jobs, create more establishments, and increase real estate in Eretz Yisrael! In short time there will be a huge aliyah of Jews and all houses will become occupied in the blink of an eye! It sounds like a hallucination – but it’s not! The Negev will fill with millions of Jews coming to Israel! The North and Shomrom will also fill up! The Negev is relatively empty but it will all need to expand and the Holy One will revive it in every respect!

Hatred against Jews – anti-Semitism will increase, until there will come a time that no law in the world will be able to stop the hatred! Superior is bread dipped in water, in the holy Eretz Yisrael – that being in the diaspora at the threat of your life! There is a livelihood available for all Jews in the Land! The economy in the Land will grow and strengthen and become the strongest in the world! Eretz Yisrael will be the richest in the world!

The Creator of the world is working to ultimately cleanse the world and reveal King Mashiach ben David!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

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